Tuesday, 28 July 2009

oscar in the begining

hummm how to explain about oscar in words ??
oscar the labradane or just silly big dog to me :)
he came to me from the dogs trust in august 2008, he was 10 months old , he had been in their for 2 months and all they new was that he was a stray , we went to "look" after my old lab cross taz passed away at the age of 15 (he also came from dogs trust when he was 1 year old) and oscar was suggested to me by the nice (i think :) )lady their , we took him for a walkies and he behaved extreemly well and played with me and was good on the lead for my youngest son and my girlfriend , we took him back in and the guy behind the counter was desperate for me to take him so after thinking about it overnight (more to do with god he is big will he fit in the car etc)we were back their at opening time the next day to say yes we want him :) , a week later we went to pick him up and yes he did fit in the car , my lad didnt have much room on the back seat though :)
night time was erm fun !!! for 6 weeks , they gave us dog parents an adoption talk before we could collect said dogs and in that talk we were told yes they will whine and perhaps bark for the first few nights but that will pass quickly when they are settled and they will be fine with being shut downstairs ,ha yer right !!! 6 weeks of howling whining scratching at the door oooh and barking not to mention bad toilet habits later so i left the dining /kitchen door open and not another whine bark or scratch or puddle on the floor !!!!
damn dog doesnt like being left alone , he now sleeps on the top landing of the stairs and is most happy .

that also means he gets to lick me when my alarm goes off along with big waggy tail banging into my blinds (which makes a loverly noise first thing in the morning)then he likes to either jump on the bed and more licking or he just snuggles up with me for cuddles and wont get off the bed !!!


  1. Yea another post! Very nice! Look forward to some pics too. Moose is independant and doesn't need me to be right next to him, but he hates a closed door! When I need to go out to the car he will bark and cry so now I leave the door open and ask him to stay and he is just fine! Sounds like Oscar too! And wow on the tail wagging... People are always commenting on how loud it is and that it must hurt!
    Moose + Dana

  2. oscars getting a bit more independadnt .....slowly , he behaves much better when pheobe stops with him though and he does stop at the gates if i go out front to the car .i noticed in one of your great videoes moose stood on your foot, oscars very good at doing that to :)
    as for the tail wagging well..... yes loud yes things get sent flying and yes it bloody stings :) but it is funny especialy when his whole back end wiggles with it in exitement :)

  3. So glad to see more big, silly, dogs! Gem the great Labradane is just a bit over a year now. I love her so much! She too takes over the bed as soon as my husband gets out.
    Oh, and when I come home from work she brings me my slippers.When I wake up she brings them to me as well.
    Great photos!

  4. We just came across your blog. We adopted a labradane from a pound a few weeks ago, he is 3 1/2 months old now and growing EVERY day. His name is also Oscar!! I have never known such a laid back puppy he's great although I've been told this might all change as he stops his growth spurt!!

    Anyway apart from a white splash on his nose he's the spitting image of your Oscar!! It's nice for us to see how he might be when he grows up!